Hello !! My name is Becky and i'm a biggest fan of Wade Barrett since Nxt ! I aslo like Jeff Hardy, Daniel Bryan ,Drew McIntyre ,Trent Barreta, CmPunk, Chris Jericho , Garett Bischoff , Justin Gabriel , Heath Slater and more ...
Divas (knockouts) : Rosa Mendes, Mickie James, Maryse, Gail Kim , Michelle McCool ...
The Big Bang Theory <3 (Sheldon)
Jeffree Star <3
My Hero, my god: Deuce !!! (9lives)
I'm from Belgium, I speak french, 19years -- Twitter : @BeckyHunterY2J



This is my favourite picture of Jayy and Dahvie :3 Ever.


This is my favourite picture of Jayy and Dahvie :3 Ever.



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On wednesdays we make the colors pop at the counter! (Taken with Instagram)


On wednesdays we make the colors pop at the counter! (Taken with Instagram)




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His father is a scientist. That explains a lot

Did i already reblog this? Well have it again.

his father is a scientist? cool.

So his father mixed sugar, spice, everything nice, and some sort of fantastical conditioner and some star dust together with some Chemical X and created Tom Hiddleston, right?


Do you want all these items? 4 fandoms all in one. 

Well, here’s your chance. 

Welcome to peetapaintsnightmares multi fandom giveaway!

Well, most of my followers will know why I’m doing this giveaway, but if you are not one of my followers then it will be mentioned on my blog a lot. 

Ok so here are the amazing prizes (sorted by fandoms):

Avengers Assemble: 

Marvels The Avengers- 6 Box Disc Set :Includes: Marvel Avengers Assemble, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 1, Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America

Official T Shirt THE AVENGERS Grey ASSEMBLE Distressed.

Doctor Who: 

Dr Who Tardis Mug and Lid Matt Smith The Eleventh Doctors Sonic Screw Driver

Harry Potter:

Harry Potter Griffindor ScarfTomy Harry Potter Monster Book Keep Safe Box

Hunger Games:

The Hunger Games (collectors edition)The Hunger Games DVD (2 disc)

The Simple Rules:

You MUST be following meYou can reblog as many times as you wantNO LIKESThis giveaway ends the 31st of September 2012



We promised it when reached 100 followers and now here it is. 

As a way of saying thank you to each and everyone of you that follows us here, we want to give away some pretty niffy stuff, either featuring the man himself or Wade Barrett inspired. 

One lucky follower will get.

Two Wade Barrett 8x10’s ~ One action shot and one studio promo

luckycupcakehairclips.com Wade Barrett Bow, Anchor Bow and Nautical Anchor and Rose Necklace. 

A Wade Barrett Superstar Swatch relic card featuring a piece of a authentic event-worn T-Shirt from Raw December 13th 2010 in New Orleans. 

A Topps 2011 Power Chip

Plus 18 Wade Barrett Trading Cards

The rules are simple you must be following The Great Barrett Uprising

You must reblog this post, likes don’t count

You can reblog this everyday has many times as you like for the duration of the competition.

You must have an ask box so we can let you know if you’re the lucky winner. 

The winner will be chosen at random using a number generator.

Completion will run for 10 days ending on the 5 September at 8:30pm (AEST)

Good luck to each of you,

Lynae, Emma and Christy

We have our winner momentpunch.tumblr.com congratulations.

And due to the huge response we have had to the giveaway, there is also a second prize which goes to stoneshack93.tumblr.com 

You will be receiving a Wade Barrett an a Anchor bow, a Studio Pose 8x10 and Wade trading cards.

You have both been sent a message to your ask boxes, if there is no response from either of you in the 48hrs the prize/s will go to someone else

Thank again to everyone that entered, maybe we’ll do it again sometime.

Lynae, Emma and Christina

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Amazing video <3

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